When and Where, Effortlessly: Meet bamm!

Early in my corporate sales career I flew to Dallas to close, what was for me, an epically large client. The plane touched down and the jet’s thump-and-skid on the tarmac was symbolically my arrival. I felt great about where the deal was heading and how I had handled everything thus far. I’m a sales guy at heart and this opportunity was brighter than the sun in my eyes.

I left the airport and hopped in a sun-bleached cab. Full of moxie and verve, I told the cabby, a very large, very Texas, mustached man, “Take me to Sugar Land.” He turned, lowered his ZZ-Top glasses, and said “Son, where?” I’m not a ‘son’ to anyone. Well, you know, except for Mom and Dad.

Irked, I repeated myself. Glasses still tilted on his nose, a corner of his mouth quirked in knowledge and amusement I didn’t have, he asked if I knew how far away Sugar Land was. Uh. I mean, didn’t seem that far on the map. A millimeter? Ornery, I replied that it clearly wasn’t walking distance as I had settled on taking a cab. He said “Son, it’s a four-and-a-half hour drive. You should have flown into Houston not Dallas.”


I closed that deal from a terminal at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport. It was the most expensive and longest distance-traveled conference call I’ve made in my career --- How could I have flown to the wrong city?

Beyond, “don’t fly to the wrong city”, there’s another lesson here. We’re all insanely busy. While logistics are not rocket science, the accumulated details in arranging and executing on itineraries can be death by paper-cuts. Bottom line: calendars today ignore the spatial factor. Time, relative location, intention, participants and meeting content are not represented in the typical itinerary, which is most often a simple list of times that don’t include the distance or commute (based on real time data) between said locations. And when you link multiple meetings together, and the multiple itineraries that individuals bring to each meeting, you see a dissonance, or when it works, a harmonization, that ripples out into the world.

We are all part of a logistical Butterfly Effect, if you will.

The reason three team members had to miss your meeting this week is because it was rescheduled due to a conflict last week.

You only had to cancel on your girls trip plans because someone forgot to share with you an important meeting time until the last minute. Frustrating, yes, but their absence of mind was only due to something else that came up, so we can’t really fault them.

And so on, and so on.

We’re all connected. When things go wrong with one part of your schedule, it affects every part of your life, and other people’s, in ways you probably don’t even anticipate. What if we could reverse that narrative and create the opposite Butterfly Effect - one where every part of your schedule is seamlessly integrated, expanding out into appointments made, deadlines met and surprise cancelations mitigated? That would be incredible.

Cue, bamm! (before and after meeting manager). The collective says that innovation is born from strife, and that’s exactly how bamm! came to be. After years of watching some of the brightest people I know struggle to execute a relatively straightforward business trip, I knew that something needed to be done.

bamm!’s capabilities are perfectly captured in its catchphrase “when and where effortlessly.” It’s a comprehensive scheduling app that gives you the power to schedule meetings with their time, place, attendees and content all in one, easily accessible place. It also takes care of any additional thinking by blocking off time you’ll need to travel between obligations and updating party members about changes in arrival times automatically, all while keeping everything organized on an interactive map you can sync up with your contacts.

bamm!, in effect, is like having an executive assistant in your smartphone. It keeps you up-to-date on everything happening in your life and adjusts your schedule in real-time to accommodate changes. More than that, it cross references what the people in your life are doing to make sure you’re on the same page. bamm!’s environmental awareness means no more meetings being put in the wrong week in your calendar. It also means a one-stop place to remotely connect with others, both through bookings, instant communication and even conference call integration. It truly is a scheduling hub, and at K8, the simple novelty of this excites us.

What could you do if you had bamm! to un-complicate your life? Start dreaming up ideas now, because the app is in its final stages of development --- a revamped next-gen calendar crusher is coming to you soon!

When and where, effortlessly.

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