Using Simulation for Sales Planning

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Bill Dodds, CEO of p3rceive LLC, a K8 Ventures portfolio company, is featured on the Bruce Hurwitz Presents podcast discussing sales simulation. On this podcast Bill discusses p3rceive, the growth modeling platform that enables enterprises to plan their staffing and revenue target decisions based on desired outcomes, what's possible, and the steps needed to realize that success.

About p3rceive: p3rceive uniquely enables enterprises to simulate results based on their staffing, sales workflow, and desired outcomes. This marriage of game simulation and supply chain optimization algorithms, combined with deep machine learning and Monte Carlo analysis; allow the user to do complex "what-if" analysis over multiple functional groups and multiple steps in their sales process.

About Bill Dodds: Bill is a veteran of sales turnarounds for global enterprises and scaling up venture-backed start-ups with deep expertise in revenue performance and top line sales planning. Bill has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, CIO Magazine and Power Selling Magazine. Bill is currently partnered with K8 Ventures in the founding of p3rceive, LLC. p3rceive’s mission is to gamify revenue planning by replacing old-school regression analysis with sales ecosystem modeling and simulation. This allows p3rceive’s users to do multiple “what-if” scenarios across their people, process and sales results.

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