Introducing P3rceive

Happy 2019, Day 100!

What comes to mind when you think of the phrase “venture capital”? Sure, complicated exchanges of money, pitch sessions, and caffeine, are obvious answers. But there’s something more. The word ‘venture’ invokes aspiration, daring, and a big goal. Ultimately the raison d'être for why any individual would want to start a business or become an investor who funds said venture. Exceptional returns are, of course, part of the quest. Any company, through the ambitions and dreams of its founders, ultimately finds its destiny as a stand alone entity or an acquisition.

Taking an idea from its original objective to its destiny, with a focus on its shareholders’ return, is precisely K8’s domain. Because at K8 we haven’t let go of the (well researched, highly planned) thrill that ‘from-scratch’ company creation presents. We’ve redefined risk to be not a fingers-crossed, all-in endeavor, but a start-to-finish process where we ride the wave of building up and investing in a company until it’s the best in its business --- and we’ve found that in P3rceive.

To quote P3rceive Bill Dodds, CEO, “Everybody knows how much they’ve sold. Everybody knows how much they want to sell. Almost no one knows how much they CAN sell.” This statement has the potential to sound like an eloquent hypothetical --- words with great promise but not much substance to an outsider. However to the mind of one who’s spent years driving top-line-growth, they are chock-full of real, tangible promise.

P3rceive -- it’s a new idea, addressing the age old problem of “How much can we sell?”--- utilizing new technology to transform the way we communicate and think about growth. Picture this: a world where you can simulate your business based on staffing, your sales process, and your desired outcomes. A world where you know how many people to hire. Where your bottlenecks are easily identifiable. Where, given your constraints, you can quickly determine what you can sell, or even better, under what conditions you can get to your sales objectives. P3rceive, for K8 being a team of boundary-pushers, is perhaps an ironic investment, in that it works to build a clearly defined framework for a business’ growth, that shows business owners how to achieve their goals efficiently and realistically. While we’re aligned on the efficient and realistic part, the rest is pretty meta, we know.

But how does P3rceive work? It allows users to build a virtual sales organization based on their own resources and capabilities. Users enter their own staffing resources, their own sales methodology, their own pipeline, and their own results. The P3rceive solution then creates a mathematical model of the sales ecosystem that allows companies to simulate various sales planning strategies. Sales leaders can, to provide a few examples, create ‘what-if’ simulations by adding salespeople, modifying the sales process, moving upmarket, and shortening the sales cycle, among many, many others. P3rceive is also "bi-directional", meaning one can enter the results they want and P3rceive will tell you what resources they will need - or one can tell P3rceive what resources they have and it will optimize what can be done.

For us at K8, the future that P3rceive creates is one worth investing in completely. I’ve written before about our dedication to building companies from the ground up - ideation to market launch and everything in between. And while our approach might be different, it’s one that we whole-heartedly believe in, and we want to share its power with as many people as possible. For P3rceive this is only the beginning, albeit a very strong and exciting one. We’re amped to see the impact that P3rceive has on the companies it's already touching (we have seventeen pre-launch customers and counting!) And we know it’s going to revolutionize the business management industry as adoption increases and customer feedback drives innovation and the development roadmap. Stay tuned to my blogs to keep up with P3rceive’s journey, or feel free to reach out to me with questions on how P3rceive works and why it’s so influential (or even be part of our Beta Program) - I’d love to geek out with you on the groundbreaking specifics.

Here’s to putting the venture in adventure!!

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