Automation, Time, Innovation

We used a cloud-based development platform to build KUNE8's new website. While it's not as bespoke as we might want, it was cost-effective and relatively fast. And the process spoke volumes to the criticality of thought leadership. 

Observing the design/creation of the site, I thought about the time given back to us by all of the various forms of automation embedded in our lives. Aside from worthy lifestyle activities (exercise, binge-watching a new series, being social, etc.), what do we do with this newfound time?

Sure. I should find new ways of adding value to my clients or, if I was an employee, find opportunities to improve my company. Straightforward. But really, what's happening is company/team/individual success is increasingly reliant on having 'implementable thoughts'. 

Automation is giving us time while taking away busy work. Our metaphorical 'factory' is increasingly the stuff of thinking. Where 'doing the work', is important, 'creating the value', is arguably the dominating success paradigm. And that is the domain of the mind.

How accepting are our respective markets and employers of more people working to innovate and differentiate? Do we need more training on ideation? That is, having a good idea and pushing it through some rigor to see if it has applicability?

In short, how prepared are we to lead with our thoughts?

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